Redcoats in Green Bay - Native Americans

* Gorrell's names for the Nations are in parenthesises.

Menominee (Folle Avoine)




Ottawa (Taways)


Fox (Reynards)


Ho-Chunk (Puans)

The Native Americans in and around Fort Edward Augustus.


"Indian warriors, besides and children, depending on this post for supplies, and they are as follows:

Taways, etc.                      100                   Little Detroit and Milwacky.

Folles Avoines,               150 Warriors.   They live at La Bay, in two            



Puans,                             150                    At the end of Puans Lake, and

                                                                      over against Louistonant.

Sacks,                              350                    Above Louistant, in ye

                                                                     government of Louisiana.

Reynards,                       350                   On the River Reynard.”

- James Gorrell, 60th Royal American Regiment, Fort Edward Augustus.



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