Redcoats in Green Bay - Recommended Reading

 Recommended Reading.


 A "Most Troublesome Situation" The British Military and the Pontiac Indian Uprising of 1763-1764.  Timothy J. Todish and Todd E. Harburn.  Purple Mountain Press, Fleischmanns, NY.  2006.


Beyond Pontiac's Shadow: Michilimackinac and the Anglo-Indian War of 1763.  Kieth R. Widder.  Michigan State University Press.  2013.

Mapping the Great Lakes; The 1761 Balfour Expedition Maps.  Michigan History Magazine.  May/June 1991.  By Keith R. Widder. 


The "Hutchins" Map of Michigan.  Michigan History Magazine.  Vol. 10, No. 3, July 1926.   By William L. Jenks.


Sir William Johnson Journal in Detroit - 1761.


Redcoats in Green Bay: The British Occupation of Fort Edward Augustus (Green Bay, WI) 1761-1763: Part I & II.  Journal of the Early Americas. Feb/March 2012 & April/May 2012.    by Richard FC Seidemann, Jr.


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