Redcoats in Green Bay - The Royal Americans

          The Royal Americans, was the nickname of the 60th Royal American Regiment.  Formed during the French and Indian War, it's four battalions served in every major theather of the war, and afterwards garrisoned much of the newly acquired frontier forts in America.

         In response to the need for more troops to fight the French in North America, the 60th Regiment of Foot was formed in 1756.  It was the largest regiment in the North American theater with it's four battalions of 1,000 men each.  The regiment was heavily recruited from men in the colonies, but also from the British Isles.  Many of it's officers were German or Swiss professionals, such as Colonel Henri Bouquet.  Colonial men did make their way into the Royal American officer corps, and one such officer was James Gorrell from Maryland, who in 1761 found himself in command of the garrison at Green Bay.

         From the beginning the Royal American's officers focused their training and preparations for warfare in North America.  Coats were not given lace, men practiced fighting in the woods and being ready to pack their equipment and travel quickly.  

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