Redcoats in Green Bay - Re-enactment Groups

 Wisconsin F&I War Re-enactment Groups.


Do you live in Wisconsin or nearby and interested in getting involved in re-enacting the French and Indian War and Pontiac's Uprising?  Check out these groups that are located in or have members in Wisconsin.

British / American Units.

The Corps of Light Troops 

Reenacting British light infantry (55th Regt and Gage's Light Infantry) and rangers.

55th Regiment, Compy. of Light Infantry

Members in Wisconsin and Minnesota, recreating a British light infantry company in the 55th Regiment. 


Gorrell's Detachment of 60th Royal Americans

Located in northeast Wisconisn, recreating the Fort Edward Augustus garrison.


80th Regiment of Light Armed Foot, Capt. Balfour's Compy.

Located in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, recreating Capt. Henry Balfour's Company in Gage's Light Infantry.


Colonel Blanchard's New Hampshire Militia, Goffe's Company.

Rogers' Cadet Company

Membership from Illinois and Wisconsin, recreating the volunteers in Robert Rogers' Cadet Company.  These men were learning from the most famous of Ranger officers, on how to be a light infantry officer.


French Units.

La Compagnie Franche de la Marine du Fort La Jonquiere


Compagnie Franche de la Marine du Ste. Foye





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